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‘She’s Out of My League’ knocks it out of the park


shes_out_of_my_league.jpgIf you’ve been watching TV at all this weekend you may have seen a preview for this movie. To the naked eye it may just look like a typical romantic comedy. However, that generalization is way off. It is a typical romantic comedy that takes place in Pittsburgh!

The main character Kirk (Jay Bruchtel) is an average Joe working as a security guard at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

pittsburgh-airport-address.jpgThis got my blood flowing immediately. I love to travel and always travel out of the Pittsburgh airport at least once a year. It was filmed directly in the airport which was very genuine and realistic to the context of the movie. I’ve been to airports across the country and Pittsburgh ranks near the top with its atmosphere and charm.

Kirk, working by the metal detectors comes across a beautiful woman, Molly (Alice Eve) going through security. While the other security guards are hitting on her, Kirk resists and acts polite which in return gives him a beaming smile courtesy of Molly.

Once boarding her plane, Molly relaizes she left her iphone back in a security bin. Using her friend’s cell phone she calls it, Kirk has it in his hand.

The end up meeting in each other at the Andy Warhol musuem in downtown Pittsburgh.



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Now I’m not the biggest art buff, but I do think enough of myself to know something is good when I see it. Warhol is well respected in the art world and his creative mind is on display here in his hometown in his own musuem. The musuem is located just steps away from PNC Park on the North Shore. I have never been there but it is a goal of mine to check it out this year.


Anywho, back to the movie. Molly is a high ranking event planner in the city and has connections across the ‘burgh. She offers Kirk Penguins tickets, on the ice!


ice.jpgSurprisingly this beautiful girl is really into this self proclaimed dork. The two end up seriously dating and go on other dates around the city.

They eat at this beautiful river side cafe and walk through a park that is very similiar to Central Park. But the icing on the cake and the one you all have been waiting for-the couple goes on a date to a Pirate game.


pnc park.jpgLet me just say my shrieks of joy could be heard throughout the 300 seat theatre. It was awesome to see a beautiful roundabout shot of the stadium. The cameras started out by the river and slowly gravitated upward for a perfect area view of the beautiful stadium. The couple walked across the Clemente Bridge in the Centerfield entrance. 

The movie was very good, very funny. With its R rating I do not suggest it to some of you as raunchy humor may not be your thing. However, for a There are breathtaking views of the downtown area and really just presents a great perspective on the Steel City.

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The Boys are Back in Town

Fresh off a four day break from baseball the Pittsburgh Pirates returned from their reunions with family and friends and set up shop back in PNC Park. The Giants were in town and so were the Peaslee men.

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My brother, Zach, my father, Rick, and myself went to Pittsburgh for a nice Friday evening of baseball and fun. You’re probably wondering why I would let my brother wear a Giants shirt. After all he too is a die-hard Pirates fan and bleeds black and gold. Once you see the back you may understand the method behind his madness.


Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 001.jpg
 You see Zach is a big fan of the Giant’s pithcer and National League All-Star starting pitcher Tim Lincecum, but then again who isn’t? I, too am a big fan. The lanky hurler is a fresh face for the MLB and is turning into the elite name in all of baseball. At just 24 year sold he has been captivating the baseball nation ove rthe past few years. He has been on the cover of countless magazines and is the cover of the video game, MLB 2k9. Lincecum is featured on a commercial for Major League baseball being shown as just a down home guy, my type of baseball player. He is here for strict love of the game and the fact that he plays so well and i so dominating makes his aura even better.

On the ride the park we tuned in to the local sports talk radio station. Ellis Cannon, sports talk personality in Pittsburgh spoke wonders about Lincecum and the entire Giants franchise. He was raving and had every right to. The Giants are so much improved this year. A big part of the success is their home grown talent. Some the Pirates are looking to do—–build from within. Players like pitchers Lincecum and Matt Cain and third baseman Pablo Sandoval have all risen up through the system and are striving over time in the San Francisco clubhouse. 

Players like that will continue to shinebecause they are young and have a whole career ahead of them. Who knows what is to come?. The sky is the limit. Maybe sometime Tim Lincecum himself  will turn into a bigger international legend than he already is, maybe even have a parking garage floor named after him like this guy…..

Roberto Clemente! The Great One will forever be remembered for his heroics on and off the
Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 002.jpg
field. In Pittsburgh he is highyl regarded in the community with many parks, monuments and even a bridge named for him. In the parking garage right outside PNC Park you too can take part in celebrating his life, by parking on the 7th floor. The ten floor parking garage features ten diffrent Pittsburgh sports legends. For just 12 dollars to park you can honor you rfavorite legend. Players such as Tony Dorsett, Franco Harris, Dan Marino and Andy Van Slyke all are honored. It is my favorite place to park in the city. It is always fun parking on a different floor to see which player you will end up with.

As we walked to the park it was drizzling. Not a heavy rain but enough to suspend play. The game was slated to start at 7:05 but wound up beginning at 7:50. From the gates we passed through we were handed beach towels, it was beach towel night. The perfect give away item on a rainy day. They were perfect to wipe off the damp seats. From the main home plate gate we ran out to center field, our destination was the bullpen. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the freak known as Tim Lincecum as he was warming up. We were greeted with a throng of people out there and Zach even met his match.

Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 003.jpg
 The man in the authentic Lincecum jersey had to be in his mid-50s. He was watching Tim warm up, analyzing his throws and capturing it all on his state of the art camcorder. We figured it was either his father (who is shown on that MLB commercial) or a big creep out to follow his every move. Either or he was a die hard fan. There were close to 30 people at the bullpen awaiting Lincy’s arrival. It was pretty cool, everyone was anticpating a big celebrity like the Pope. But it was just Tim Lincecum, but either way he was quite the spectacle.


Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 004.jpg
He went through a rigorous warm up routine. Stretching in many different positions. It was almost like a Yoga lesson.

Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 016.jpg

Once he entered the bullpen many people started flashing their pictures. He had his trademarked crazy windup going all out. He through some nice strikes to the bullpen catcher. He was ready for action looking to improve from his mediocre showing at the All-Star game.



Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 021.jpg
 When his name was announced and he enetered the game a large cheer went up from the Pittsburgh crowd. Everybody knows who he is and like I said before you can’t not like this kid. I was surprised with the amount of Giants fans in the crowd. If you’ve ever looked at a map you can see how far San Francisco is from Pittsburgh, a good 3,000 miles. Whether it was actual Northern Californians or just bandwagon fans I won’t know. But I saw double digit numbers of Lincecum shirts and jeresys as well as many Bonds jerseys. I will admit that I have a soft spot for the Giants and the whole Bay Area vicinity, I will explain that later, back to the game last night.

It wa steh definition of a pitcher’s duel. Paul Maholm took the hill for the Pirates and had his most successful outing of the season. Maholm only allowed 4 hits and struck out 7 batters over 7 innings of work. Lincecum duplicated Maholm’s success only allowing 5 hits and striking out 7 of his own. Lincy did get shaken up a bit in the first inning when Garret Jones went deep to straight away center for his 6th dinger of the season. The one nothing score would remain like that until the 7th inning when the Giants tied it thanks to an error on a stolen base attempt. The one-one tie would last beyond the regular nine innings as this one headed to extras. 

The extra frames were excruciating No team could do anything. Popouts, groundouts and strikeouts were all wer were able to see, from both teams. Nobody really threatened and the game looked like it would never end. During an inning break we went to the bathroom, and used it as an excuse to stretch our legs. It takes a toll on the body sitting for that long. The entertainment crew took note of that as well and played “Take me out to the Ballgame” AGAIN in the middle of teh 14th. I’ve never heard it twice in a game before. 

On our bathroom trip Zach stopped at a souvineer stand and picked up this beauty.

Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 026.jpg
 A $27 dollar Andre McCutchen T-shirt. A fabulous item of clothing in my mind. I would die to have one honestly. But at $27 dollars that is a little pricy. Zach made the case that he only has one other Pirate shirt and he wanted to be one of the first people to own a McCutchen shirt. Now as much as I love Cutch, I’m sorry but I just got to save my money. He will most definately enjoy the shirt and wear it proudly. It is just too bad Andrew did not notice as he went 0-5 in the game. 

The bottomof teh 14th game and Garret Jones stepped up to the plate and finished what he started. Jones blasted a Bob Howry pitch into the Allegheny River for the walk off win. I couldn’t believe it. As soon as he made contact I knew it was gone. It was a surreal momment. I gradually stood up and just raised my hands in the air. It was the perfect ending to a great night at the ballpark. There’s nothing I love more than a walk off win and the mobbing that comes at home plate.


Pirates-Giants 7-17-09 031.jpg
 There have been just 2 Pirate walk off wins this year and I’m proud to say I have been in attendance at both. Jones’ accomplishments at the plate this year have been next to unbelievable. He was 15 hits, 7 of which are home runs. He is an absolute beast. It is great for him, the team and the fans but sooner or later he is bound to cool down. When that happens it will be interesting to see if he can sustain himself at the major league level. The Pirates now stand at 39-50 on the year.





Splash Zone



jolly-roger.gif I’m baffled. Being a Pirate fan is one of the most confusing loyalties I can think of. One night, we’re shut out. We look like we couldn’t even get a hit off a 12 year old, the next night we torch the opposition with 11 hits and 8 runs, exactly what we did on Monday.

With every position player in the starting lineup getting a hit, the rally was on going all game. With Craig Monroe seeing starting action in right field and Jason Jaramillo playing behind the plate, two reserves got great experience and were a major part of the blowout win.

Monroe was 1-4 while scoring a run and Jaramillo was 2-4 scoring a run of his own.

nate2.jpgAs always, fireworks were let off after the Bucco win, however the offensive fireworks came in the 6th inning. Nate McLouth jacked a homerun over the right field wall, out of the park. The ball bounced off the riverwalk and SPLASH into the Alegheny. It was only the 24th ball to land in the water in the history of PNC Park.

While the offense provided the headlines, Ross Ohlendorf led the sidebar. 
 Going 7 innings only allowing 2 hits, the quality start for Ohlendorf was a real confidence booster and showed how commanding he can actually be. Its not everyday you completely shut down the MLB’s best team. The Pirates handed the Marlins just their second loss of teh season, by doing so the Bucs flat out embarrased the Fish. 2 hits through the course of the game, allowed the Pirates to exploit the over rated Florid team.

However, the real embarrasment came in the stands. An announced attendance of just over 8,000 made PNC Park look like an empty abyss. The crowd looked even smaller than the announced attendance. With all the deal offered by the organization and the team actually playing good, its amazing that more people don’t come out to support the Bucs. As a college student I try to do my share. I’ve been to three home games already on the young season. Obviously, I can’t make every game, and neither can the entire population of the Burgh metropolitan area. But at lease show an effort people. You make the city look bad when you don’t show up! I guess the game could technically be seen as a sellout, if blue plastic seats took over the world! The game was even seen live on ESPN for a brief moment for a live look in. Across the country baseball fans and sports fans in general saw first hand our lackluster fan support. Looks like we may need to borrow the jolly roger’s eye patch to cover up the black eye our team, stadium, organization, franchise and city just recieved. 

Opening Day; just hours away

You ever see those Disney World commercials where the kids are restless in their beds?

The little boy and his sister run into their parents room because their too exited to sleep becuase they leave for Disney World the next day.

I’m feeling the same exact way!

I’m waking up in a mere 7 hours to prep for the hour trip from my apartment in Morgantown, WV up 1-79 into the Steel City.

I should be resting up so I will be bright eyed a bushy tailed ealry in the morning but I just can’t make myself fall aslepp. With Sportscenter echoing on my 13in tv and Youtube clips of Pirate highlights from years past I’m only encouraging myself not to go to bed.

With seats in section 302, row Y I pretty much have the worst seats in the house, then again, it’s PNC Park; Greatest park in the nation.

Look at this picture and tell me otherwise…..


Ahhhhh, just take it all in. Breath taking isn’t it?

No other stadium in America (or even Canada) can offer that view. The picturesque backdrop of the city and small confines add up to an unforgettable baseball experience.

My friends who are going to the game with me aren’t necessarily the biggest Pirate fans. In fact they are Rays, Orioles and Indians fans respectively. They will enjoy the game. Due to the fact its a real baseball game played in the National League, they will be able to feast their eyes on a great ballpark experience in a beautiful spring day.

Hopefully the atmosphere and fanfare of opening day will add up to a thrilling Bucco win. If not, there are plenty of other games to be held. However, there is nothing like the optomism of an opening day win to brighten your spirits for the rest of the season.

Instead of seeing Mickey, Goofy and Donald I will be seeing Nate, Zach and Nyjer. It will be a great day and all festivities will be recorded and posted to the PittPeas later in the day. Stay tuned for pictures, videos and comments from opening day in Pittsburgh.