First Place

Myself, and every other baseball-obsessed person in the world woke up to this, this morning.

First place.

Magic number to clinch the Central is 68.

Let’s Go Bucs!



I love it. If my guys can’t be first, let it be yours.

I’m happy for the Pirates even though my Cubs are playing terrible baseball this season. I look for your team to make a move or two before the trade deadline to strengthen their chances at winning the Central. Also, watched Chasing 3,000 the other day about Roberto Clemente. Good movie!


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Only one game back for the Bucs. My Bums are in last place but “They May be Bums but they are MY Bums..
I am cheering for your Pirates!

I am thrilled at the season your Pirates are having Matt! I hope they can take it all the way…unless my Angels can as well and then getting to the Series will simply have to suffice for the Buccos.😉
— Kristen

I made my first visit to PNC Park last week to see the Reds take on the Pirates. It is truly a beautiful park. Everyone was really nice too, from the ushers and concession workers to the fans. Great experience!

As much as I want my Cards to win, gotta admit that this is good for baseball.

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