Happy Halladays to start the postseason

In a somewhat sarcastic way I proclaimed on October 5th that the Reds would not get a hit throughthe NLDS against the Philies.


halladay.jpgSo far so good huh.

There was not a better way to script the opening day of the postseason than the first playoff no hitter since Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1962.

So close to a perfect game too. Unbelievable. And to do it twice in one year simply baffles me. Just imagine if Roy Halladay happened to be out of Toronto for more of his career. He could possibly be one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball history. He still has a lot of gas in the tank and judging by this season alone he has punched his ticket to Cooperstown. A first ballot hall of famer in my book.

One game that may hold him out could very well be May 18, 2010.

He lost to the Pirates.

Zach Duke went toe-to-toe with the Philadelphia ace in a 2-1 ballgame where both pitchers
halladay1.jpg went the complete game. It was one of the most precise games the Pirates put together in 2010 and the best contest of Duke’s wretched year.

As I type this the game in Minnesota is going swimmingly well for the Twins. Something to say that I am pleased to see. Francisco Liriano is pitching masterfully.

Pitching has been a common theme when discussing the highs of the 2010 MLB season. So far it looks like the playoffs are going to be no exception. Cliff Lee shut down the Rays this afternoon. Halladay had a freaking no hitter. Liriano is coasting right now.

Tomorrow presents a new day with two similiar teams pinned against each other. It is sure to be anothers pitchers duel as Tim Lincecum faces Derek Lowe.

When it comes to picking a team to root for in the postseason, it hasn’t been the easiest thing. Last year I chose the Dodgers because of my good blogging friends Emma and Cat were so very kind to me. This season is a bit trickier, but not really. I am sticking with the NL West theme and will be adorning the orange and black.


sf.jpgI’ve always liked the logo and color scheme. The city is one of a kind. The ballpark blew me away. Besides those intangibles the Giants also offer something special for the playoff run, one of my favorite players of all time.

FREDDY.jpgFreddy Sanchez.

His time in Pittsburgh was headlined by a batting title in 2006 but what may have been overshadowed was his hospitality. Sanchez is a class act and was always a fan favorite. His work ethic and gritty glove work is topped only by his consistent bat. He is finally overcoming injuries that have haunted his whole career and he is showing he belongs in an everday lineup, especially on a contending team.

Nobody deserves the honor of winning games in the post season than Freddy Sanchez.

Go Giants!

photos: ap, yahoo.com


So you’re going with the Giants, eh? I’m looking forward to seeing how they do today and throughout this series.


Don Larsen’s perfect game was in 1956. Yankees beat my beloved Bums.
I’ll root for Freddy Sanchez but not for the Jints.

The Lincecum pitched well last night to a 1-0 win, seems it may be the pitchers and umpires control the postseason this year.

and keep those sarcastic predictions coming…:-)


Phillies Outside

After retiring 10 in a row things went very wrong for Liriano that game, and for the Twins in general. Wouldn’t you say?
What do the Twins have to do to get away from the Yankees? Good Grief.
Halladay’s no hitter was insane. I’m very happy I watched it.

oosh the Giants Braves series is tight! Exciting to say the least!

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy the postseason!

Halladay is a work of art. I respect everything about him


Oh, please don’t root for the Giants! They also have former Phillie Pat Burrell, but I sure won’t be rooting for him right now. Please make some more sarcastic predictions involving Pat going hitless, or Lincecum laying an egg.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

That NLCS is going to be something to watch.
Both teams have premier pitching staffs, and their hitters have a lazer beam eye for the breaking ball.
Might be a bit stingy on runs in that NLCS, but it will be great from the first pitch to the last.
Excited to see who comes out in the end still standing.

Rays Renegade


Don’t listen to rrrt, I like your pick! Happy 50th, BTW!

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