Country Roads lead to Indianapolis

It was hard to sleep last night. The anticipation was hard enough, but living it after was even harder.

I feel like I am dreaming. It is tough to even say it.


  As I watched the game in Youngstown, OH with some buddies from back home as well as my WVU roommate I could not help but think that this is my World Series.

Andrew, my best friend who is a Yankee fan agrees. I’ve never experienced this before. Yeah the Penguins and Steelers have given me great memories over the years, games I will never forget. But there is just some sense of pride that I have with West Virginia that the Pens and Steelers have never given me.

I go to WVU. My family is born and bred in the Mountain State. There is that geneaology that only comes with your alma mater. And in a state that is always overlooked and put down, this means something. Something special.

It is safe to say that the Mountaineers and Pirates are all I care about sports wise. I’ve been to hundreds of Pirates games and West Virginia basketball and football games. I feel that you have to be there, live it live and in person to become a true fan of something. It is too expensive to go to many Steelers and Penguins games. I have been to a handful of them but the passion is lacking compared to that of the Mountaineers and Pirates.

I was made fun of last night by some of my friends for having tears in my eyes as the clock winded down and Kentucky fell to the Mountaineers by a score of 73-66. From the moment I was born I was swaddled in gold and blue blankets and a WV beanie hat. Let me just say I was a cute baby. But for the last 21 years WVU has always been the college team who failed to live up to expectations or were looked down upon for not yet being elite. We proved everyone wrong last night, the underdogs that we always are were victoriuous and finally mentioned among the nation’s best. Who knows when this moment will happen again? You just got to take advantage of it now.

My Sunday morning has consisted of scavaging the internet looking for tickets to next Saturday’s Final Four games in Indianapolis. I got some money to spend as I turned down an opportunity to go to Florida for the week for Spring Training. On Wednesday Andrew and I are going on a day trip to baseball hallowed ground, which I will post about later. For now I got basketball on the brain. Thank you Mountaineers-for a lifelong of memories climaxing on March 27, 2010 a day I will never forget.
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hahaha sounds like a cute baby indeed😉

glad that your team made it to the final 4! College Basketball is getting very intense indeed. A lot of my friends and teachers are very into it😀

best of luck to your team😀

Congrats to your team for making in to the final 4!! I wish your team for the very best and hopefully they can win the ultimate prize!

Good luck to WVU the rest of the way. I normally don’t get into any of the March Madness, but I can relate to your excitement.

I’m totally on the WVU bandwagon… you’re to blame for that! I can’t stand Duke and Michigan St. and I have no connection to Butler, so go Mountaineers!

Wow! Congratulations on making it into the Final Four! And enjoy the ride. It’s got to be incredibly exciting.

Congratulations and good luck! You definitely do have to seize the moment, that’s true…

I have to say, WVU killed my bracket. But I am sure that is true of everybody’s bracket. I was hoping that my Boilermakers would be able to get to the final four and take on your Mountaineers, but without Hummel we had no chance this year. Maybe next year. I’ll be rooting for your guys on Saturday!

It’s got to be WVU all the way now, I think your to blame for most everyone on these blogs who now is cheering for them, so I guess this week it’s Go Mountaineers…
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