Tippin’ their hats and callin’ the Pirates their daddy

Sorry Pedro…




pedro-martinez-7001381.jpgAnd sorry Yankees…


Thumbnail image for jeter.jpgYa’ll are much better currently and historically than the Pirates, but give me time to enjoy a win.

The Buccos defeated the Yanks 12-7 on Tuesday, but most impressive was what was done in the first inning.

Andrew McCutchen got things started with a single.

Ronny Cedeno…a single also.

Lastings Milledge brought home McCutchen with a double.

Then this guy…


GFJ1_edited-2.jpgMade it rain!

Jones blasted a three run homer off none other than CC Sabathia. Sabathia got rocked in two innings pitched giving up seven hits and five earned runs.

It was nice to see us do some damage against Sabathia. The Pirates totaled 15 hits against NY, the most of the spring. It wa salso nice to out hit a team for a change also, the Yanks recorded just eight.

Charlie Morton, anticiapted fourth starter, had a decent outing with a three inning showing on four hit ball. He did give up three runs, but struck out a pair.

By the way, that Garrett Jones picture, photo shopped by yours truly. I got the program for my brithday and have been playing around with it.  

Tomorrow it is Pittsburgh-Baltimore live on FSN Pittsburgh. 

photo credits: nytimes.com, espn.com






A win is even sweeter when it’s against the Yankees…. hope you have fun with Photoshop, it definitely has a lot of cool tools…

Outside the Phillies Looking In

Nice, Pirates. Good one.
How’s Ronny Cedeno looking? Is he going to be the Bucs’ starting SS? I liked him with the M’s but he was in a constant slump until we traded him to Pittsburgh. Hopefully he can put some solid offense together for you guys this season.

I think I must have brought your Pirates good luck. I happened to pull out two Andrew McCutcheon cards out of a few Topps baseball card packs I had bought!! Yaaay.

You think Jones is the real deal? Sure he had a nice year when he came up last year, but he’s pretty old to be just breaking into the big leagues. I’m not sure yet.

cool blog, you should check out mine on the royals at


Go for it Matt! Get all Mazeroski on them for a day!

Jones is a Monster !


*standing ovation*😉


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