Welcome to Bradenton Buccos!

With one countdown over, another begins.

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Pitchers and catchers have arrived in Bradenton, Florida, which mean just 13 days until the first Sprign Training game.

John Schelegel of mlb.com said it best.

The smell of the grass.

The pop of the glove.

The crack of the bat.

With those sensory delights, baseball begins anew, and awakens us all to a new year with baseball in Florida and Arizona. And, just like every year, isn’t it about time?

We have been waiting far too long. It is time!

photo credit: pirates.com 


i am very very excited!!!

whoo hoo


Happy Pitchers and Catchers Matt. Lookin foward to readin up on the Peas this year. Waiting for the right time to break out my new Clemente jersey this year.

I can’t wait until the Indians report!

I am really excited for baseball season!!!!!

In my mind, I can smell the grass and hear the pop of the glove and the bat!! Woohoo!

Very excited for the start of spring training. Looking forward to reading more updates. That was indeed the perfect quote for right now!🙂

I went to the stadium in Bradenton last year…it is a very nice older stadium. Wish I could be there right now!


The poetry of Spring Baseball.
Nothing better in this world in my opinion….nothing at all.
And with Bradenton getting a Florida State League team this season in low Class-A ball, it will give more chances to guys left behind in Pirate City to get game experience, oe just watch and maybe pick-up a few pointers along the way.
Love that the stadium is kind of hidden away like a treasure within the Bradenton City Limits.
I will actually pass the stadium tomorrow on my way to Port Charlotte down US 41

Rays Renegade


Ya, I’m pumped for spring training. Leaving for Florida 3 weeks today and I’m planning to seeing Ryan Church and the Pirates while I’m down there., can’t wait.

Hell yeah Matt it is time! BTW I’m going to a Red Sox vs Pirates game on the 13th of March–I’m very excited! Let me know if there are any prospects I should keep an eye on, and of course I’ll take some pics of the Pirates for ya!

Simple yet great entry! I honestly can’t wait for Spring Training. Yes, we waited too long and I’m ready for baseball.

Matthew: Omg I have baseball fever….and I like it.

So true. Hoentsy and everything recognized.

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