Jason Motte…….NOT!



Breath it in folks…our Buccos are 1-0. A thrilling come from behind victory in the top of the ninth gave Pittsburgh a 6-4 ‘W’ over the Cards. Everyones favorite shortstop Jack Wilson comes through in rockstar fashion.

jack win.jpg

The big top of the ninth came off rookie closer Jason Motte. Motte has been scouted as a future All-Star with a high heater that has once reached 100mph. In his first opportunity to prove his weight Motte not only blew a save but took a loss. His era has sky rocketed to 36.00 after giving up 4 runs on four hits.

On the Pirates side of things, without Paul Maholm the Buccos would not have one this game. Maholm went 6.2 innings with one eraned run on seven hits. The staff ace pitched very well on the mound in chilly, windy conditions. Maholm also came through at the plate. The Mississippi native was 1-1 with a bloop single while drawing three walks. Just getting used to his success at the plate, Paul could use some tips on the base paths. In an attempt to score from third he was caught in a pickle and tagged out. Had he not have disobeyed 3rd base coach Tony Beasley’s stop sign the Pirates could have put the game away early in the 6th inning.


It was a nerve racking game when Tyler Yates was handed the reigns from the bullpen. I’ve been skeptical of our bullpen since spring tarining and Yates only heightened my negative feelings. The 2 year vet gave up two runs, one of which was a solo homerun by Ryan Ludwick. However, the ‘Mad Capper’ went out for the save and the ‘Big Bull Rider’ himself notched it.

The game today made me proud to be a favorite Pirate fan. It’s great to rub it in my buddies faces for always putting me down because I’m a ‘Burgher. A lot of good came from today. Also, a hint of bad. Stay tuned after Wednesday’s game when The Peas will analyze the first series. Until then, it is a great night to be a Pirate fan wherever you may be.


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